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Heavy Duty Work Apron
  • ✅ TOP QUALITY! If you've been looking for PREMIUM QUALITY heavy-duty work apron at AFFORDABLE PRICE, then your search is over! That's because our 16 oz waxed canvas apron is handcrafted, reinforced with grommets and rivets, double stitched tool pockets and thick top and bottom hems which means that it is incredibly durable.

  • ✅ REVOLUTIONARY! Unlike other aprons that are stiff and heavy as cardboard which cause you extremely discomfort, our apron features a VERY TOUGH BUT FLEXIBLE material that give you protection and still flexible enough to move comfortably. It also doesn't trap dust and prevent oils from soaking through to your clothes. That's why our shop apron is the #1 choice for Amazon buyers!

  • ✅ A FRESH APPROACH! The problem with other aprons is it cause neck and back pain as it is hang around your neck. Our product solves that problem! Why? That's because our apron is designed to HANG OVER SHOULDER which means that weight is distributed evenly over the shoulders. NEVER SUFFER NECK AND BACK PAIN AGAIN!

  • ✅ PRACTICAL! Our Apron has STRATEGICALLY PLACED POCKETS so that you have everything you need close to hand instead of constantly search for them. Front pockets are deep and has ample space with flap to keep out dust and can be tucked into pocket. The "cell phone pocket" is large enough to hold iphone 8+ with zip to prevent it fall out when bending over.

  • ✅ UNIQUE! Because our apron has a quick release buckle and unique harness design which is EASILY AND FULLY ADJUSTABLE. That is great because it can adjust to fit any body frame and preference. Once you have it adjusted to your fit, TAKING IT OFF AND ON IS STRAIGHTFORWARD and it stays on well without slipping off.

  • ✅ RECOMMENDED! As the best waxed canvas woodworking apron at    

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