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UPC: 645905416152

Ecozen Lifestyle Booty Bands With Adjustable Belt 3 Adaptable Levels Of Resistance Unique Sauna Stimulus Technology Ideal Resistance Bands For Legs And Butt Fast Visible Result (Black)
  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE - The problem with other butt lifters is they break easily. Our product made of durable non-Snap Latex, super strong carabiners, load bearing boxed stitched connection points which means IT WILL HOLD UP TO ANY LEVEL OF USAGE.

  • ADJUSTABLE TO 3 RESISTANCE LEVELS - Another problem with other butt lifter is their resistance is not adjustable. Our booty band system can be adjusted to 3 different level of resistance so you can APPLY IT TO THE LEVEL OF YOUR STRENGTH AND HEIGHT.

  • UNIQUE - SAUNA STIMULUS TECHNOLOGY helps retain body heat, accerate sweat, maximize burning calories and fat during exercise. Our belt can be adjusted to fit both slim and extra large waist (25" - 47"). Recommend for person taller than 5' 3".

  • A FRESH APPROACH - OUR PRODUCT COME WITH EASY TO FOLLOW EXERCISE BOOKLET & LINK TO VARIOUS TRAINING VIDEOs. That means you can tailor them to your physical strength & fitness goals whether it is to tighten/lift butt or to develop strength/stamina.

  • FAST RESULTS - Our booty band is designed to primarily isolate and workout the glute muscles using just the right amount of resistance.That means you EFFECTIVELY BURN YOUR GLUTE AND TARGET THAT NICE PERKY LOOK IN SHORT EXERCISE AND GET RESULT FAST.

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